The Dos and Don’ts In Your First Interracial Dating

interracial datingHave you tried online interracial dating but never seem to get a second date from the experience, even when you thought everything was going good? First dates are easy to get; second dates… not so much… even with the best interracial dating sites available. Well, that’s because there are two secrets behind getting the all-elusive second date, and many people fail to recognize them

First, you need to use a dating service that offers the highest compatible matches possible – a service that matches you entirely, not just some of you. It doesn’t matter if it’s black women looking for white men or white women looking for black men. You want something that matches your personality, values, lifestyle, preferences, etc. After all, these are the main elements to establishing a lasting relationship.

Second, have a great first date. Best Dating Tips To Ensure You Score A Second Date


You’ve heard the old phrase, “honesty is the best policy”. When it comes to online dating, you certainly don’t want to tell any white lies. Don’t need to mention everything about yourself since you want to create an air of mystery for the second date.


Ask questions on things your date told you. You want to come across as someone who listens and is interested in what they have to say. The talking/listening ratio should be 50/50. During this time, you should find out if there’s a spark between the two of you.

Positive Body Language

To make it to date number two, you need to display some positive body language – make eye contact, leaning in when talking to each other and smiling. White women looking for black men and vice versa already do this when they like their date.

Look Over Their Profile Again

You don’t want there to be any surprises; check over their Internet profile and any conversations you’ve had once more. Do a little homework so you have things to talk about during the date.

What You Shouldn’t Do On Your Date

There’s no such thing as black and white dating; it’s just dating. And, when it comes to first date “no-nos”, there are things you must avoid to ensure you can get to date number two. What are some of things you should not be doing on your first date?


One Response to The Dos and Don’ts In Your First Interracial Dating

  1. Gayle says:

    Honesty is soooo important on any dating site, not just interracial dating sites. You will not believe how many times I’ve met a man I thought I’d be compatible with and it didn’t pan out because of a little “white lie”. I absolutely hate liars and fakes. Just be real. And a big no-no to me is… NOT get intimate on your 1st date, nor any of the early ones. Goodness. And if the guy is pushing for it, it’s time to move on. I’m not a prude, but I think you need to know someone and care for them for longer than some of these people do nowadays.

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