Interracial Dating Tips for Men – 6 Things to Skip Out on a First Date

interracial dating tips

In general, the best approach to interracial dating and pursuing an interracial relationship with a woman is to simply treat her like any other woman you dated in the past. Avoid shifting the entire dynamic of your interaction into a discussion about your date’s race or interracial dating. Often, when a man is too focused on a woman’s race, it’s a red flag to her that he is not looking for anything substantive. Or he is totally clueless in terms of interacting with women, and people of different backgrounds.
The 5 Statements I’m not usually attracted to Black (Chinese, Japanese, Mexican, etc.) women but you’re really hot. That statement is not going to be perceived as a declaration of praise. This statement is akin to going to a job interview and saying, “I dislike every other branch within this company, but I really like this one so you should hire me.” That company is definitely not going to hire you. Avoid divulging that information to a potential romantic interest. It might make you feel good to share that, but chances are it will not make your date feel good about you.

I have lots of Black (Chinese, Japanese, Mexican, etc.) friends.

Statements like this have no impact on your interaction with any woman you date, so why make them? A statement like this does not earn you “cool points,” a second date, or anything else. If a woman is out on a date with you, she is not interested in hearing you detail every person from her racial group you have ever encountered in your life. It’s really not a fascinating conversation that your date cares to hear, or anyone else. It definitely ranks as one of the most overused statements in America, especially in interracial relationship.

Is your hair real?

Along with asking a woman her weight, bra size, or if her body has been surgically enhanced this question should not be a part of first date dialogue. Oddly enough, we have actually had guys ask all of those questions in the past on interracial first dates. We are aware that nowadays many women wear extensions in their hair, and have plastic surgery, but we do not think those are ideal topics of conversation on a first date. We are trying to establish if we even get along at all. So why are you asking questions like that?

I only date Black (Chinese, Japanese, Mexican, etc.) women.

Typically, this statement signifies the precursor to a guy making off the wall statements about how women have certain physical attributes, or the guy ends up revealing creepy details on why he only dates women from a particular race outside of his own. In any case, it always seems bizarre. Gentlemen, if this is how you truly feel please keep it to yourself. It really is too much information. No woman wants to feel as though she is a part of a man’s “fetishism,” where it’s more about how she looks than who she is as an individual. A woman wants to feel desired as a distinctive person not because of the hue of her skin, hair color, or because of a particular body part.

My whole family loves Trump.

We had to mention this one. As a person who recently joined The Best Interracial Dating Sitesshared the experience where there was a communicationwith a guy on that website a few days ago. “My whole family loves Trump,” was a large chunk of a very first email from that guy. Considering there was no mention of politics in the profile, and never brought up politics in the previous guided communication, it was just a bit random. She says: I am actually an Independent, and I have dated both Liberals and Conservatives in the past. When I date a guy, it is not about a person’s political views as much as his ability to have a conversation about politics and agree to disagree when our views differ. Our Point here is no need to instantly share that you voted for Trump with every ethnic person you date. This one is not a deal breaker it’s just funny.

Have an Open Mind.

You can never experience anything new if you have a closed mind. Get over your preconceived notion of what others are and aren’t. Don’t judge your date prematurely or believe the stereotypes and warnings other people might tell you. Instead, let love take its course and see your date for who he or she really is. If you truly have an open mind, you won’t say any uncomfortable and offensive statements.

Be Yourself.

You have the right to be yourself. Don’t be pressured by other people telling you that dating a person from another race is tricky and oftentimes unsuccessful. It varies from couple to couple. The success of a relationship doesn’t depend upon your race but upon the realness of your love. You don’t have to immerse yourself in your date’s culture to win his or her heart completely. Instead, you can appreciate your contrasting characteristics, discuss your differences, and understand each other’s beliefs.

If you actually want to try to get to a second date with a woman of another race, just keep it simple. Say something nice, but stick to basic compliments unrelated to her race. Interracial dating is fun keep it that way! More interracial dating tips will come on this website to help you deal with the interracial dating relationship issues.



Five Interracial Dating Tips for Men after 40

interracial datingWhen you are over 40, it becomes hard finding a suitable woman to date. This is because things get to change as you age. Unlike before when women used to call on you at your workplace or in bars, your current circumstance may not permit such, and your present friends could be those you have had for years. Interracial dating could be all you need to spark up your life again.

Perhaps, you think going online to date is not for you. You need to have a rethink because reports have shown that the fastest growing segment in many interracial dating sites is people over 40. You can find your dream woman if you widen your scope and that mean you should consider black and white dating sites as well. Let us look at important five dating tips for men over 40.

Take control

This does not mean you become bossy. What taking control means is that you need to make decisions and set some personal guidelines as to how you want to participate in online interracial dating sites. You need to plan how many hours you want to spend daily. Besides, you need to consider making some changes where necessary in order to be successful at dating. Don’t get scared, but try to be open and focus on having fun. Remember that you’re now old and you need to determine what you want and what you should be.

Set yourself apart

As you age, you’ll discover that many women are looking for a responsible man to date. You’ll definitely have many to choose from. In many interracial dating sites, there are more women than men. However, some other sites have a balanced ratio, and if you belong to any, you need to stand out from other men. Create a good profile that will impress your potential date. Learn the art of good communication and everything else will fall in line.

Be honest always

Once you’ve decided to give online dating a try, you should be honest at all time. Don’t post a fake picture of yourself on the dating site you joined. Women always appreciate current and lovely photos. Let your potential date know what you’re looking for. If you just want to have fun or a serious relationship, put it there.

Change style

If interracial dating interest you, changing your style and look will create a continuous impression. Most men who have experienced black and white dating reported that constant changing of their style had helped their relationship to blossom. Being stylish can impress women. Therefore ensure you always update your wardrobe.

Leave out past issues

To be successful at dating, don’t bring in past issues in your failed marriage or financial problems you have experienced. Rather, focus on the moment. This you can do by having a checklist. Who is it that defines the perfect woman you want? Check it out. Check the person that knows everything about you and determine what you want from interracial dating.


The Dos and Don’ts In Your First Interracial Dating

interracial datingHave you tried online interracial dating but never seem to get a second date from the experience, even when you thought everything was going good? First dates are easy to get; second dates… not so much… even with the best interracial dating sites available. Well, that’s because there are two secrets behind getting the all-elusive second date, and many people fail to recognize them

First, you need to use a dating service that offers the highest compatible matches possible – a service that matches you entirely, not just some of you. It doesn’t matter if it’s black women looking for white men or white women looking for black men. You want something that matches your personality, values, lifestyle, preferences, etc. After all, these are the main elements to establishing a lasting relationship.

Second, have a great first date. Best Dating Tips To Ensure You Score A Second Date


You’ve heard the old phrase, “honesty is the best policy”. When it comes to online dating, you certainly don’t want to tell any white lies. Don’t need to mention everything about yourself since you want to create an air of mystery for the second date.


Ask questions on things your date told you. You want to come across as someone who listens and is interested in what they have to say. The talking/listening ratio should be 50/50. During this time, you should find out if there’s a spark between the two of you.

Positive Body Language

To make it to date number two, you need to display some positive body language – make eye contact, leaning in when talking to each other and smiling. White women looking for black men and vice versa already do this when they like their date.

Look Over Their Profile Again

You don’t want there to be any surprises; check over their Internet profile and any conversations you’ve had once more. Do a little homework so you have things to talk about during the date.

What You Shouldn’t Do On Your Date

There’s no such thing as black and white dating; it’s just dating. And, when it comes to first date “no-nos”, there are things you must avoid to ensure you can get to date number two. What are some of things you should not be doing on your first date?