Interracial Dating in Australia

According to the investigation, Australia is the home of mixed-race marriages and interracial dating. And the rate of interracial dating in Australia has risen for these years. The analysis of the 2015 census shows that 56% Aboriginal women and %67 Aboriginal men were married to non-Aboriginal Australians. In the east coast cities in Australia, the interracial dating rate is above 72%; and in Sydney, ten university-educated Aborigines are dating nine non-Aboriginal partners. A new research reveals that Sydney is leading the way with more mixed-race couples than any other cities in Australia.

interracial dating in Australia

In America, the gap between black and white is deep. The interracial marriage rate with African American is 9%, which is much more less than Australia. In America, people will always hear news about racial clashes; while in Australia, it’s different. The prejudice to interracial dating and marriage has evaporated.

What can these interracial dating couples learn from their relationships? Some couples said that running a relationship with different background people will make them ‘more open person’ who are able to know different culture; some couples said that being their children will be very good and interesting. Since these children will grow up and they may know two, three or more languages; and some people said that we think we do not care where you are from, who you are in our generation. We have lots of friends, more than a half, are dating different raced people.

The rate of Australian interracial dating is rising all the time. The gap between black and white in Australia is becoming shallower. It’s not about your appearance, not about your color, just about whether I love you.