10 most common misconceptions on interracial couples

Interracial couples consists of two people of differing racial groups. Interracial couples are a recurring topic for debate, as not many individuals agree or understand it. In recent years, interracial dating has become more popular in society than before. There are even online dating sites that are specifically for interracial dating, such as Interracial Match, or Interracial Dating.

interracial couples

Here are some common misconceptions when it comes to interracial couples:

1.Interracial dating is morally and socially unacceptable

This is the absolute worst misconception! Ofcourse interracial dating is acceptable, morally and socially. Of course people of older generation will have a harder time to accept and understand this. The fact of the matter is that interracial and multicultural dating is slowly becoming more and more accepted socially.

2.The sex is “Different”

NO, no, no! The sex is absolutely the same. Just because the skin color/race may or may not be different DOES NOT mean the love making is any different. Love is love!
Although, shockingly there is a lot of debate going around about the differences between same race and interracial sex. Here is a good article to read discussing this misconception, Interracial Dating Central.

3.Interracial relationships always consist of one black and one white person

Ofcourse not! Interracial relationships are not confined to black and white. It is a complete mix of different races. According to a U.S. survey, the most common interracial relationship consists of white men and Asian women, while the less common interracial relationship is found to be between Asian men and black women.

4.It’s not a committed relationship

Commitment does not have race or skin color standards. Commitment stands with the maturity of the individual and the compatibility between each other. Also, most interracial couples are determined to live in a committed relationship to prove their critics wrong. Many individuals on the outside of the relationship just see it as some type of phase or just having fun. A relationship should not be judged by something so trivial as skin color or race.

5.Individuals in an interracial relationship are just dissatisfied with their own race

This is yet again a terrible misconception, as this is definitely not true. There are
some individuals who prefer to date outside of their own race or they find unique qualities and attributes of other races. This does not mean that they are dissatisfied of their own race. Ultimately, people are simply trying to find their most suitable soul mate regardless of the race; it is because they consider the connection with their soul mate more than anything else does. Like I stated before. Love is Love, no matter what race, age or skin color.

6.Culture doesn’t matter, we are in love

There are many factors when it comes to dating and relationships, especially when interracial, such as family, friends, and culture. Culture does matter. These different factors contribute to our overall happiness in life. Although it may be nice to ignore them, and continue living how we want with whom we want, that doesn’t always happen. Do not ignore your cultural make-up. The way that we relate to others is heavily influenced by the culture we were brought up in.

7.Interracial couples have a negative effect on society

This is unbelievably false. Interracial couples have emerged a lot more in recent years and have had only positive influences. People have begun to develop a deeper understanding of interracial relationships, platonic and romantic.

8.Marriage will fix it!

Marriage is a wonderful thing, a communion of two beautiful souls. But it isn’t a problem solver. Some individuals marry to solve issues in the relationship or with the families. But a research study recently showed that many interracial marriages end in divorce due largely to cultural expectations and misunderstandings never revealed prior to the wedding. So it’s definitely important to understand yourself and what you want in life, and solve and issues prior to jumping into a marriage.

9.What about the children?

Children are another factor in interracial relationships. Once the child is old enough, he/she will try to understand and learn about its heritage and culture. Children born into interracial/multicultural families would gain a knowledge value in multiple cultural perspectives and will be able to get along with people of more than one racial group. There is no reason why anyone should question an interracial couple about having children.

10.Your parents would never approve.

This is just another one of those demeaning misconceptions. Just because your skin/race may differ does not always mean that your family would disapprove of your lifestyle and dating choices. Multicultural relationships have a rough time in society, as they constantly get scrutinized. But when it comes to family, it shouldn’t be that way.


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